• This Doctor is the PCP for several of my family members. It was the best change they could have ever made. He is a very patient attentive Doctor and my family is very pleased with him. Dr. George is the best M.D. My family could not be in any better hands and would recommend him to anybody in need of a good internist. Thank you Dr. George!!!!

    Mike L.
  • I had hurt my knee and my other physician recommended that I have surgery. I was looking for a second opinion. Dr. George had the knee xrayed and I had a small tear in my maniscus. He said that he thought it might heal on its own. He used a "chicken comb" injection for the pain. Six months later, I still have some soreness when I have over used the knee, but I am much better. So glad I didn't have the surgery and went to see Dr. George. He also recommended "cat's claw" for joint soreness.

    Bernice K.
  • He is knowledgeable. I am blown away by his awareness of old and new illnesses. He is a terrific doctor who is kind and generous with his patients. He always finds a way to work me into his schedule. I can't say enough about this fine Doctor.

    Trisha B.